Web Design

  • Custom Web Design
  • Template Based Design
  • UI / UX Design

Game Development

  • 2D/3D Games
  • Endless Games
  • Strategy Games

Social Media

  • Keyword Research
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Brand Awareness


  • Technical SEO
  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO

Mobile Apps

  • Business Apps
  • Navigation Apps
  • Social Media Apps

IT Support

  • Domains & Hosting
  • Website Backups
  • Updates & Tweaks

Web Developemnt

  • Theme Customizations
  • ECommerce Store
  • Blogs & Consultants

ERP Solutions

  • Resource Management
  • Finance Management
  • White Label Reports


Devtics Technologies is a full-service technology consulting, design & development firm with clients’ the whole world over. We started with the intent of setting the bar a little higher: a full-service technology firm making a splash in web design, web development, branding, mobile application development, custom software, and SEO and EPR services.

We wanted to do it all — and then some. Devtics was founded on the principles our competitors and the industry itself seemed to have done away with: integrity, customer service, efficiency, organization – which remain the bedrock of our business today.

Whether we’re building a new product or just making one that already exists better, we collaborate with our clients to make a tangible impact. Our creative process identifies valuable insights and opportunities, marries strategy and creativity, and then crafts inspiring ideas that help humanize your brand.

Today’s brands must fuse meaningful, intelligent storytelling with an innovative, bold approach to technology if they’re to have any hope of beating out the competition, engaging customers and encouraging behavior that ultimately benefits their bottom line.We use a focus, multi-pronged design and technology strategy to improve your image, boost your web-presence, see organic customer engagement and breathe life into your products.

We Do


Mobile Apps Development



Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Marketing

Web Developemnt

IT Support



We’ve got a manifesto

Our mission is simple – to help your business expand. We accomplish by striking a strategic balance between productivity, technology, best practices and of course, a wealth of experience. Our vision as an agency is help drastically improve our clients’ marketing and advertising ROI wherever they might be.

We’re committed to building a culture that attracts, retains and promotes ceaseless growth. Our clients leverage our people-forward thinking to accomplish what might otherwise have been impossible. Ever individual on our team is a well-rounded innovator who comes into work every day because they value being able to create something beautiful as part of a team. We’re successful because we believe in what we do, and our work is a testament to that.

Devtics builds digital products that helps people do things differently and pushes the envelope on what we believe to be limitations. Share your challenge with our team, and we’ll collaborate with you to deliver something truly amazing. Our core values evolved alongside us as we’ve grown and overcome.

They’re emblematic we want to achieve and be remembered for, and they’re constantly because well, so are well. They’re important to us. We hope they resonate with you, too.

Muhammad Usman

Chief Exective Officer

Muhammad Rohan


Farooq Usman

Chief Operations Officer

Khalil Ul Rehman

Chief Technical Officer


We’re passionate about sparking joy through technology.

We remain entirely committed to producing second-to-none digital products and experiences with a skilled, highly organized team. We’ve forged strong, lasting partnerships with clients across a number of industries, with an eye for ceaseless innovation and continuous progress.

We balance innovation with impact for our partners and the world we live in. Our standards remain lofty, our design user-centric and above all completely transparent and honest in our work with both our partners and our teammates. This peculiar, hard sought after blend of curiosity, drive, and respect make us a group of professionals unlike any other (we’re modest, too).

We engineer digital products that our clients and their users like to use every day. At Devtics, we’re passionate about the work we do and everything we have yet to do. A project we can’t commit 100% to, isn’t a project we’ll take on. Our stringent quality checks ensure everything that we’re proud of everything that ever leaves the Devtics lab — however large or small.

How We Work

Take a peek under the hood.

Play Nice

Successful professionals like what they do. At Devtic, we aim to foster a culture of acceptance and humility: you’re part of that commitment.

Challenge Us

Sure, it’s nice not to struggle but it’s nicer to be challenged! We want to be a part of your vision, and for you to trust us enough to hold us to a higher standard. We promise not to give you problems, so long as you let us help you solve them.

Learn from Us

We’ve seen many successes and a few failures, too. It’s part of the territory. We’re happy to share our experience and learn from yours.

what you want

Making a bad decision you can go back and correct later, or at least learn from is better than making no decision at all and having nothing to show for your time. Get it done.

Seek Feedback

To do the best we can, we’ll be seeking user feedback early, frequently, and throughout the entirety of the project. Please help us attain and assess user feedback as often as you can to maximize our chances of success.

Get In Touch

Do you think we’d be a good fit?

We do, but even if you don’t, we’re nothing if not flexible so drop us a line and we’ll see if we can’t work something out! We look forward to hearing from you and you can be sure that when you reach out to us, there’s a person on the other end, not a chat-bot.